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December 7, 2010

Interaction Design Workshop (Metaphor) May 15, 2010

Posted by: tboydar on: December 7, 2010

Sub-tittle: Center of Innovation and Synergy for Intelligent Home Technology

Design Point: Metaphor(Player)

Time: May 15, 2010  from Am 9:00  to Pm 5:00

Location: National Taiwan University ShuiYuan Campus

Students: 30 (Psychology, Foreign Languages, Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Communication and Development Studies of biological industry, Entomology, Law, Social Work, Political Science, Finance,Business Studies, Electrical Engineering, Applied Mechanics,Drama……)

Map: Google Map Link

City: Taipei, Taiwan

Organized By: Rung-Huei Liang

Process: Course Description→Moodboard(verb list)→Interaction design cards→Findings→Scenario Sketch (Design examples from famous designers)→Metaphor expression→Design Sketch(An example of the form design)→Take Photos

Workshop Description:
MaterialMoodboard:Collect information(post Magazine clippings and add texts on the sticker)
MaterialInteraction design cards:Choose three cards, and use it to give the meaning of design.
MaterialFindingsTo describe what you find from the previous steps.
MetaphorScenario SketchTo summarize the aspects of character, staging, plot, etc. that can be expanded later in a fully developed libretto, or script. This sketch can be helpful in “pitching” the idea to a designer.
MetaphorMetaphor expressionThe expression of ideas or feelings is the showing of them through texts .
Design SketchDrawing to capture ideas as they appear when you think
FormTake PhotosTake pictures for final project.


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